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Brega Oil Marketing Company


Brega Oil Marketing Company was established according to Law No. (74) of 1971 after the merging of three national companies that were marketing and distributing petroleum products in Libya (Brega, Sidra, and Al-Watania) in one company owned by the National Oil Corporation, and it was entrusted with the task of marketing, distribution and transportation Petroleum products and their complementary commodities inside Libya.


In addition, with the issuance of Resolution No. (286) of 2009, which defined the objectives of the company to purchase and import petroleum products and distribute them or sell them in the local market and managing transportation lines and distribution of petroleum products with the aim of securing the needs of the local market, and it has in particular: 

Storage and transportation of petroleum products that are authorized by the company to market •

Owning and managing major oil product warehouses, including aviation fuel warehouses •

Owning and managing a fleet of ground transportation to be used when needed •

Renting transportation by sea to cover the needs of the local market •  

Since its establishment, the company has prepared plans and programs to provide the local market needs of all types of fuel and its derivatives, as it has established a number of warehouses with large storage capacities in a number of regions to face the increase in local consumption, provide sea facilities and pipelines and connect them to these warehouses, and it has also established a system Integrated warehouse and airport facilities to supply aircraft in the field of air transport efficiently and efficiently.  

The company has a ground fleet of trucks transporting various products and gas cylinders, to cover the needs of all consumer sectors of petroleum products in a timely manner.

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