Brega Petroleum Marketing Company announce a pre-qualification for the maintenance, modernization and upgrade of the oil jetty loading /unloading facilities at Tobruk Port, according to the scope of work which is summarised in the following essential items:

The Jetty is an existing facility dedicated to the loading and unloading of the white products and heavy fuel oil product, operated by Brega Petroleum Marketing Company. The jetty is a T-shaped Jetty, and consists of the Main Platform (18.25 m x15 m) in dimensions, the entrance road of (154 m x2.2 m). Breasting and Mooring dolphins, based on Steel Piles of various sizes, and the Jetty is equipped with a system of rubber and wooden fenders, Breasting and Mooring Dolphins and the Main Platform connecting with steel Walkways based on steel piles, as well as steel stairs. Shipping and handling works are done through the piping system and the number of three Loading arms, as well as the Jetty equipped with the firefighting system and control room.
The objective of the project is the complete maintenance, modernization, development, supply and install of loading system, control, electrical and communications systems. The work of repair, maintenance, development, modernization and rehabilitation includes the following items:
1. Carrying out the necessary and complete detailed survey of the Jetty components and inventory of all equipment, pipes, and shipping and handling system.
2. Conducting a full examination of the Steel Piles system carrying the Jetty and its components, cutting the eroded parts in the intertidal zone, except for what can be repaired, and cutting and removing all eroded parts for a number (75) Steel Piles with different diameters and distances for the Jetty components for the depth of the splash zone, which ranges from (+ 3.0 m / – 3.0m), including the supply and installation of new parts with the same diameter and specifications, their welding according to sea environment techniques (above/under sea water).
3. Maintenance, development, modernization and installation of three loading arms on the main freight platform, the work includes establishing foundation and connecting to the loading system and commissioning.
4. Dismantling and replacing all electrical fixtures, appliances and cables on the Main Platform.
5. Dismantling and replacing the wooden fenders system from all the Loading Jetty Components.
6. Carry out full maintenance and replacement of necessary parts of mooring hooks on mooring dolphins.
7. Demolish existing concrete slab of the Main Platform, and reconstructing a new platform slab from prefabricated concrete units.
8. Dismantling and storing all equipment and piping system found under the Main Platform, and carrying out full maintenance of the steel platform under the Main platform, including full and comprehensive maintenance of the pumps and piping system, then re-installing them in the same previous positions.
9. Dismantling and removing the existing control room and reconstructing a new building to operate and monitor the Loading Jetty including firefighting, communication and operational systems.
10. Carry out full cleaning, maintenance, supply and install of a CFRP jacket system for all the steel piles carrying the Loading/unloading Jetty components.
11. Supply and install of LPG new loading arm type (FMC). The item includes construction of the foundation and connection to the loading and operating system.
12. Supply and install of cathodic protection system for all Piles for Jetty components.
13. Maintenance of (4) (MD) Mooring Dolphins on both sides of the Jetty.
14. Maintenance Breasting Dolphin No. (DB02) with all its accessories.
15. Supply and install of breasting dolphin (DB01) (replacement for loss) with full accessories, and extract (underwater) dolphin from seabed.
16. Supply and install of firefighting into a new building outside the jetty.
17. Build a new Electrical substation building outside the Jetty.
18. Supply and install all devices, cables, lighting poles and electrical appliances.
19. Complete maintenance of the fuel oil drainage tank (D4), including insulation work, and full maintenance of white product drainage tank (D5).


20. Maintenance of all piping and valve systems from the point of connection to the point of shipment with the replacement of what is necessary for the purpose of operation.
21. Supply and install of the safety-berthing device (ECOMAR) on the Loading Jetty, including maintenance and renovation of the ships’ navigation lighting system.
22. Increase the jetty’s capacity by modifying the mooring and breasting dolphins design.
23. Modifying the entrance to the road by adding a new lane with a width of not less than (1.5) m. The work includes placing two additional rows of steel piles with a diameter of (20) inches, and total of (18) pillars with the same existing specifications.
24. Supply and install of a new Electrical Transformer in the sidewalk maneuver area.
25. Demolishing existing firefighting and electrical substation building.
26. Preparation and processing a complete set of Engineering Drawings according to the implementation (As Built Drawing), at the end of the project.
Companies possessing relevant experience with technical and financial capabilities are invited to express their interest in participation to execute this project by submitting their files for the pre-qualification according to the following terms and conditions:
• The company file contains a request for expressing the interest to participate in the tender addressed to the High Tender Committee and documents indicating that the company has completed the registration procedures with the competent authorities according to the legislation applicable to the implementation tools residing in Libya. It is permissible to accept the participation of unregistered companies, provided that they register before the award within a maximum period of thirty days from the date of notification of the intention of the award.
• A valid certificate of proof of tax payment.
• Provide the financial position statement for the last three years.
• Provide previous experience of similar works.
• Provide the financial position statement list of technical crew and company’s equipment.
• Full address of the company headquarter and its branches, telephone, Fax numbers, email and website address.
• Provide all above-mentioned documents in a hardcopy and a softcopy.
❖ Important Notes
✓ HTC will deal only within officially assigned representative.
✓ Documents shall be submitted to the secretary of the High Tenders Committee in a sealed envelope addressed to Brega Petroleum Marketing Company/High Tenders Committee, located at Aldal Street, Ben Ashour, Tripoli. In front of Salah Aldeen School.
✓ The invitation of participation in the tender and handing-over specification and general terms and conditions documents only for companies that found qualified through the pre-qualification evaluation result.
The deadline to submit documents is at the end of day (EOD) on Sunday 21st March 2021.
Submitted files without the required documents will be rejected.